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Robert W. Wilson Challenge to Conserve Our Heritage

The Robert W. Wilson Challenge to Conserve Our Heritage constituted WMF’s most significant resource for supporting architectural conservation projects throughout the world. The program was initiated in 1998 and supported scores of projects in Europe, Latin America, and Asia. A hallmark of the Wilson Challenge program was its ability to leverage local non-U.S. funds in partnership with WMF’s support of each project. The $100 million Wilson Challenge leveraged three times that amount in foreign investments for some 380 awards for over 200 sites in 52 countries. Through the Wilson Challenge, WMF has forged lasting partnerships with governmental and non-governmental agencies throughout the world for the conservation of particular sites. The impact of the funds went far beyond bricks-and-mortar restoration, affecting entire communities through training programs to develop sustainable stewardship for the long-term care of historic sites.