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World Monuments Fund
Garuda #70, Preah Khan: Condition Survey (2007)

Adopt a Garuda

72 imposing sandstone garudas protect the perimeter wall of the monastic complex of Preah Khan in Cambodia’s ancient city of Angkor.

Though the power of garudas is legendary, the sculptures at Preah Khan have struggled to withstand the formidable advance of both time and nature.

Exposed to the elements and “lost” in the jungle for more than 500 years, the garudas fell into disrepair.

Since the Adopt-a-Garuda project began over a decade ago, 30 of the garudas have been sponsored, providing the resources necessary to address the biggest threats to their survival.

Through a $25,000 gift to adopt a garuda, you enable its repair and preservation. After thorough documentation, each garuda will be dismantled, restored, and reassembled, and finally securely reinstalled along the temple’s outer wall.

Your support also provides for ongoing maintenance of the figure and helps support all the World Monuments Fund’s conservation projects at the Angkor Archaeological Park.

For more information about adopting a garuda in full or in part, or supporting WMF’s other projects in Cambodia, please call 646-424-9594 or email

Watch a slideshow of the conservation of Garuda #70 (June, 2011).