About Our Projects

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The places we work range from the highest architectural achievements to simple vernacular structures.

Our projects include everything from mapping ancient cities to conserving modern architectural masterpieces. They have included the vast Hindu-Buddhist temple complex in Angkor, Cambodia; the Easter Island sculptures; a historic synagogue in Kracow, Poland; the adobe churches of New Mexico; a modern house on Long Island; and more than 25 sites in Venice. Our efforts include project planning, conditions assessments, fieldwork, traditional building crafts training, site interpretation, advocacy, and more.

By forging meaningful partnerships with government agencies, local preservation organizations, community groups, and other nonprofits, we ensure that our work is effective, efficient, and sustainable.

Five core program areas define our activities: cultural legacy, capacity building, advocacy, education and training, and disaster recovery.

In addition to our work at specific, individual sites, an array of special initiatives extends our reach.