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(formerly Gingerbread Houses of Port-Au-Prince)

Port-au-Prince, Haiti
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In October 2009, the gingerbread houses of Port-au-Prince were included on the 2010 World Monuments Watch in order to raise international awareness about this unique architectural heritage. Many of these elegant, turn-of-the-century structures, detailed with fretted wood and intricate latticework, had fallen into disrepair. (...)

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Within four weeks of the January 2010 earthquake, WMF was in the field in Haiti, working with local and international institutions to coordinate assistance efforts and to forge a collaborative project aimed at the recovery of the Gingerbread Neighborhood. (...)

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The gingerbread houses, with their intricate ornament and steeply pitched roofs, constitute an important period of post-colonial design and are emblematic of a uniquely Haitian architectural heritage. The Gingerbread Neighborhood is an icon of Haiti’s rich past, as well as a vital symbol for rebuilding the country. (...)

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2012 WATCH

The Gingerbread houses were included on the World Monuments Watch in 2010. Inclusion on the 2012 Watch as the "Gingerbread Neighborhood" underscores the long and challenging process of disaster recovery for the community as a whole. Weeks after the earthquake struck, WMF was on the ground working to build capacity for the revitalization of this historic urban district. Now, a coalition of local and international institutions keeps advancing preservation efforts. It is hoped that continued global awareness will help bring needed resources to the renaissance of this historic community.


World Monuments Watch Day

High school students from Port-au-Prince participated in a Watch Day drawing competition inspired by the uniquely Haitian “gingerbread” houses and learned about the significance of the architecture and the history of the neighborhood.

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