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Colón, Panama
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Colón, originally a low-lying coral island, lies at the Caribbean entrance to the Panama Canal. The historic center of this city rests upon landfill constructed in stages over a period of 100 years beginning in 1850. (...)

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The historic center of Colón was included in the 2010 Watch to draw attention to the need to protect the historic resources of this city that was integral to the fortunes of many countries and companies, due to its proximity to the Panama Canal. Following inclusion on the Watch, the nominator of the site received funding from the U.S. (...)

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Established in 1850 by the New York-based Panama Railroad Company, the city of Colón is an important center for global trade and commerce in Latin America. It illustrates a significant stage in the history of world commerce and communications. (...)

World Monuments FundThe Historic Center of the City of Colon: A project for its conservation, revitalization and sustainable management
August, 2012

In recognition of its historic role in the development of modern international trade and transportation, as well as its cultural and environmental value, the Historic Center of Colon was declared a historic monument in 2002. Despite its protected status, the center continues to suffer the effect of more than 30 years of neglect and abuse. This short, Spanish-language documentary offers criteria for a democratic project of urban conservation and economic revitalization that begins with the dispelling of stereotypes and the valorization of Colon's exceptional cultural heritage.

El Centro Histórico de Colón fue declarado monumento histórico en 2002, en reconocimiento al importante papel que jugó en el desarrollo del comercio internacional moderno y el transporte, además de su valor cultural y ambiental. A pesar del nombramiento, el centro sigue sufriendo los efectos de más de 30 años de abandono y abuso. El siguiente cortometraje (en Espaňol) ofrece algunos criterios para el desarrollo de un proyecto democrático de conservación y revitalizacion económica, que solo se puede iniciar con la eliminación de los estereotipos y la valorización del patrimonio cultural excepcional de Colón.