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The Temple of Portunus, dating to the first century B.C., is a rare survivor of Roman Republican architecture and a reminder of the magnificence of the Forum Boarium in antiquity, once a major commercial area along the banks of the Tiber. The temple was dedicated to Portunus, a youthful god associated with water crossings and seaports. (...)

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The Temple of Portunus was included on the 2006 World Monuments Watch, which called attention to the very poor condition of its exterior. Due to limited resources, local authorities had only been able to carry out an assessment of the building’s condition in 2000. Since 2006, WMF has collaborated with the Soprintendenza Archeologica di Roma for a complete restoration of the temple. (...)

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The Temple of Portunus is one of the most important monuments surviving from the period of the Roman Republic. Studied and admired since the Renaissance, it has been used to illustrate many treatises on classical architecture. (...)