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The Todos Santos complex, also known as Todosantos, is located in the heart of Cuenca, Ecuador, deep within the Tomebamba River Valley. During the Inca era, Todos Santos served as a center for spiritual celebrations. After the Spanish conquest, Catholicism was imposed on the native population; Catholic mass was celebrated at Todos Santos for the first time in 1540. (...)

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WMF, in cooperation with the Conservatecuador Foundation and the Municipality of Cuenca, began work at the Todos Santos complex in 2010. The municipality focused on the restoration of the church and its decorative murals, while WMF, through Robert W. (...)

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Cuenca, noted internationally for its important cultural and architectural heritage, remains an important destination for the community and local and international visitors. In 2005, aging electrical systems caused a fire that critically damaged the infrastructure of Todos Santos. Natural aging has also left areas of the complex deteriorated, while others have simply been abandoned. (...)