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Al Ibrahimi Tower
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Abu Dhabi, UAE

Al Ibrahimi Tower

Despite being one of Abu Dhabi’s best-loved modern buildings, the identity of the designer remains a mystery.

Nick Leech

Al Ibrahimi Tower, which takes its name by a restaurant located in the building, was erected in the second half of the twentieth century, at a time when Abu Dhabi was beginning to see its first skyscrapers. Surprisingly there is no consensus on the name of the main architect behind its design, some sources suggest architect and Professor Farouk El Gohary. The Tower presents an original play of forms, exhibiting concrete panels that appear woven-like in their presentation, intricately surrounding the 16-floor cylindrical structure. The building unites public with private spaces, showcasing—along with the many other gems found on Electra Street—the best of Abu Dhabi architecture.

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