Amita Baig

Executive Director, WMF India

Amita Baig has been the regional representative of World Monuments Fund, India for over two decades during which time she has stewarded its conservation projects across the country, including several award-winning projects. She is a member of the Senate of the School of Planning and Architecture, Vijayawada and on the Advisory Board of the Architecture Foundation, India. She has over three decades of experience in managing historic sites in India and the Asia Region; working with UNESCO Asia Pacific Office on the development of the Lijiang Models for Stakeholder Participation and as a consultant to the Gulbenkian Foundation. She has served as a member of the India’s Advisory Committee on World Heritage as well as a Council Member of the National Culture Fund. She was an expert member of the Ministry of Environment’s Appraisal Committee for Industry. Amita has published two books, Forts and Palaces of India; and Taj Mahal: Multiple Narratives with Rahul Mehrotra following an eight-year engagement at the site. She joined the Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage at its inception in 1984 and headed the Architectural Heritage Division from 1993 to 1999.