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Our field project at Chankillo Archaeological Site reached an important milestone. On December 5, 2017, the District Municipality of Casma organized the public presentation of the conservation management plan (Plan de Manejo de la Zona Arqueológica Monumental de Chankillo). This is a small but crucial step in the process of nominating Chankillo to the UNESCO World Heritage List—a recognition of the outstanding cultural value of Chankillo that will result in greater investment in the stewardship of this inspiring place.
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Martha Zegarra, Executive Director of WMF Peru, looks upon the looted areas of Cerro de Oro.
WMF Peru's Renata Tavara reflects on a recent visit to 2018 World Monuments Watch site, Cerro de Oro in Canete Valley, Peru. The monumental archaeological site is seeking sustainable development solutions as it contends with looting and encroachment.
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The 2018 Watch recognizes two Jewish heritage sites in North Africa, the Jewish Quarter of Essaouira, in Morocco; and Eliyahu Hanavi Synagogue, in Alexandria, Egypt. These two places are sites of memory for once-flourishing Jewish communities.
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Blog post | September 13, 2017

Progress at the Great Synagogue of Iaşi

Aron Kodesh, Great Synagogue of Iaşi
In celebration of Rosh Hashanah, we’re thrilled to share an update about the conservation work currently taking place at the Great Synagogue of Iaşi—an important part of WMF’s Jewish Heritage Program, and a success story that grew from the 2014 World Monuments Watch.
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Gion Festival participants celebrate Ofune-hoko Machiya, Kyoto, Japan, July 2017.
Mitsuo Inagaki, WMF Regional Representative for Japan, reflects on his experience at a 2017 Watch Day celebrating the newly restored Ofune-hoko Machiya, held in tandem with the Gion Festival in Kyoto, Japan.
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