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Blog post | June 04, 2016

Watch Day at Saspol, Ladakh

For years, I have heard about the importance of the Gon Nilaphuk caves at Saspol Village. My recent visit to the caves for the site’s Watch Day was therefore extremely exciting. Located near the world famous Alchi Monastery, the fifteenth-century caves overlook the Indus Valley. Most of the caves are now inaccessible, as climate change—specifically destabilization from increased rainfall in the area—has impacted the Ladakh region substantively.
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Paul Rudolph's Blue Cross Blue Shield building, Boston.
World Monuments Fund has rallied to protect several works by Paul Rudolph over the years, so we were especially distressed to hear from Docomomo US that two more Rudolph works have come under threat.
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ISIS destruction
Over a hundred leaders in heritage protection and a dozen international government delegations met to decide if and how artifacts and historic sites in countries like Syria and Iraq can be protected.
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Blog post | May 31, 2016

Aldus Manutius Demystified

Aldus Manutius.
Aldus Manutius, who operated the successful Aldine Press in Renaissance Venice, is hardly a household name, but he has his enthusiasts.
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Blog post | May 25, 2016

Steeples not Smokestacks

Inaugural visit of the Carnival Sunshine, Charleston, 2016
The oldest city in South Carolina, Charleston is widely known for its well-preserved historic urban fabric. Current concerns in Charleston echo the challenges faced in other historic port cities with cruise ship tourism, such as Venice.
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Blog post | May 24, 2016

Seismic Strengthening Saves Sundari Cok

Sundari Cok, Patan Royal Palace Complex, Nepal (2004)
World Monuments Fund helped Kathmandu Valley Preservation Trust to produce a multiphase preservation plan for the Patan Royal Palace Complex a few years back. What we achieved together—the buildings and monuments restored in the complex—withstood the test of the devastating earthquake on April 25, 2015, better than expected, given its great intensity and how close it was to the surface. We asked Liz Newman, Architect for KVPT, to tell us about the work that was done that helped to save these treasured buildings.
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Blog post | May 16, 2016

Happy Birthday Shukhov Tower!

Participants on a tour of Shukhov Tower on Watch Day, 2016
Shukhov Tower Watch Day was held on March 19 and 20 in Moscow to celebrate the tower’s 94th birthday and to call attention to the 2016 advocacy efforts for the tower.
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WMF’s drawing by our Project Coordinator (then Project Architect) Cheam Phally showing the location where iron clamps where originally inserted in the stone masonry.
Since the early 1990s WMF has worked to conserve the monastic complex of Preah Khan, making it possible for millions of visitors to enjoy the site. Over the years, we have been able to recover a number of iron clamps that were used in the construction of the monument. We were pleased to lend them for testing to researchers from the French National Research Agency and the University of Chicago, who are now finishing a new study of Angkor’s metal industries.
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Isokon Building and Gallery
On that rare thing—a glorious spring weekend morning in London—I was treated to a tour of the Isokon Building and Gallery in Hampstead. Built in the 1930s by Wells Coates for Jack and Molly Pritchard, the Isokon building epitomizes the values of the interwar modern period through its founding principles and design, as well as the challenges faced by modern architecture throughout the twentieth century.
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