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Blog post | October 20, 2009

Ken’s Diligent Service in Beijing: Day 4

Fun fact: for some inexplicable reason, people always ask me for directions. I'm not sure why they ask me, but figure it's either because I look essentially harmless, or because they think my height somehow instills in me preternatural wayfinding skills. At any rate, if you were lost in the Forbidden City, who would you ask for directions? Why, the giant pink American, of course, which is exactly what a group of befuddled Brits did this morning. And odder still, I knew the answer.
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Blog post | October 19, 2009

Ken’s Diligent Service in Beijing: Day 3

So cool&mdash;spent the entire day in the Forbidden City. Started out by meeting the guys (and gal) working in the restoration studios. They're internationally recognized craftsmen using traditional skills to restore the incredible interiors and furniture of the <a href="/project/juanqinzhai-qianlong-garden">Qianlong Gardens</a>.
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Blog post | October 18, 2009

Ken’s Diligent Service in Beijing: Day 2

On arrival in Beijing, Henry informed me that he'd be having dinner with Nancy Berliner, so I'd be on my own for the evening. Nancy is the curator of Asian art at the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, Massachusetts, and has joined us here because part of WMF's joint project with the Palace Museum involves a touring exhibition of objects and interiors from the Qianlong Garden, which she'll curate.
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Blog post | October 17, 2009

Ken’s Diligent Service in Beijing: Day 1

WMF Art Director and prolific blogger Ken Feisel is in Beijing, along with Executive Vice President Henry Ng, meeting with Palace Museum officials to discuss a new visitor center for the Forbidden City's Qianlong Gardens and our continuing collaboration on the gardens' restoration.
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Blog post | October 16, 2009

Hands-on Experience: Summer in Peru

Patrick Kidd, a graduate student in the University of Pennsylvania's historic preservation program, and two of his classmates, volunteered to spend some time researching and working in Peru's Colca Valley in summer 2009.
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Blog post | October 07, 2009

Watch Announcement Crashes Website

We held a press conference Tuesday, October 6, to announce the sites on the new 2010 Watch. It was a great success&mdash;about 45 journalists from a wide range of major news outlets came, from Agence France Press and EFE to the Today Show, from the NY Daily News and the Los Angeles Times to Architectural Record, Conde Nast Traveler, Metropolis, Science, Town &amp; Country, Travel &amp; Leisure, and many more. Ninety-three sites from 47 countries are on the list, including 9 from the U.S.
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Blog post | September 11, 2009

Layers of Time

Today I checked on progress in conserving the rare surviving murals at Santa Maria Antiqua in the Roman Forum. I was received by murals conservator Werner Schmid and architect Giuseppe Morganti, director for monuments conservation for the Forum.
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Blog post | September 10, 2009

Pompeii Revisited

After giving a talk at a conference on valuing cultural heritage on the island of Procida in the Bay of Naples, I had the opportunity to step back in time and again experience ancient Pompeii.
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Blog post | September 08, 2009

Hats Off to Field School Program

Paxton Carlson, one of the 12 high-school students working at the Dutch Reformed Church this summer, addressed the group gathered for their graduation ceremony. "Wow, how do I begin? This whole experience has been amazing for all of us. I don't think anybody came into this knowing the enormous amount of knowledge that was about to be taught to us."
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Blog post | September 04, 2009

High on the High Bridge

On September 1, a group of WMF staff members visited the High Bridge on a cloudless and warm summer morning. We met Ellen Macnow, the Parks Department's <a href="">High Bridge</a> project coordinator, in front of the Highbridge Park Rec Center and Pool in northern Manhattan and walked to the water tower overlooking the Harlem River and the High Bridge.
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