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Blog post | September 13, 2016

The Puzzle Pieces of Archaeology

Hadi Mousa at the Pergamon, Berlin, 2016
Gazing at the towering version of the Ishtar Gate assembled in front of me, I imagined what it must have been like in the days of Nebuchadnezzar II as he passed through its archway.
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Blog post | September 12, 2016

Eastern State Penitentiary Today

The hospital cellblock
Through art installations, special exhibits, and an increasing focus on educational initiatives, Eastern State elevates awareness and fosters discussion of contemporary issues in the criminal justice system.
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A view of the crowd at the inaugural ceremony
I hadn’t expected to find 3,000 people lining the hillside. By the time I arrived, I had to push my way through the chanting throng to get to the front. The crowd was there to celebrate the completion of preservation work at the church of Beta Gabriel Rafael, one of eleven rock-hewn churches in the Ethiopian city of Lalibela.
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Students from Columbia University and Addis Ababa University participated in the field school
The heavens opened and the rain poured down, breaking the drought that had threatened famine in the region. It was the first day of the Lalibela Field School, and the start of a rewarding and memorable experience for myself and the participating students.
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Doctor Sarmast receiving the Cultural Heritage Rescue Prize at the Spoleto Festival in Italy, July 2, 2016
The Cultural Heritage Rescue Prize, awarded by UNESCO, recognizes individuals who work to protect cultural heritage in challenging circumstances. The 2016 prize was awarded on July 2. Bonnie Burnham, Senior Advisor to WMF, served on the jury.
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Blog post | August 02, 2016

The Loss of Averly

Averly foundry has ceased to exist. Or at least it does not exist anymore as it used to. During the last weeks of July 2016, most of Averly Foundy—a site that was unanimously considered the best preserved and most important historic foundry in southern Europe—was demolished.
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Blog post | August 01, 2016

La Pérdida de Averly

Averly ha dejado de existir. Al menos como ha existido hasta ahora. Durante los últimos días de julio de este año, la fundición histórica –considerada unánimemente por los expertos como la más importante y mejor conservada del sur de Europa– fue demolida.
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When I started to work with WMF in 2007, it was not easy, as I was the new member, but I tried hard to understand everything. Nowadays I work closely with all my colleagues in the office and at the site in Angkor. I respect them all very much for their hard work in the sun every day. I am neither an architect nor an engineer, but I am happy to stand behind my colleagues and support them in the conservation of our heritage in Angkor.
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Blog post | July 04, 2016

An Endangered Community Pool

Moseley Road Baths, located in central Birmingham in an area called Balsall Heath, first opened in 1907. The Victorian building reflects outstanding architectural and social significance, yet its future is not guaranteed—it is scheduled to close in May 2017.
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