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Breda Department Store
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Opava, Czech Republic

Breda Department Store

I remember when I was younger this building was magnificent! It was the most important in our city and everybody in the Czech Republic knew it.

Natálie Gabrielová

Buildings where we spend a lot of time in our youth stamp themselves on our identity.  Department stores, the mid and early 20th-century successors to 19th-century emporiums, are themselves now commonly subsumed into larger shopping malls, losing their individual character.  The disappearance of these familiar places leaves us with a vacuum.  Such may be the case with the Breda department store in Opava, Czech Republic, built in 1929 by Leopold Bauer, which is now closed.  A new shopping mall with the same name has already been constructed next door.

Submitted by Natálie Gabrielová

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© Lestat (Jan Mehlich), Wikimedia Commons