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Capannone ex Fabbrica Perfosfati
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Portogruaro, Italy

Capannone ex Fabbrica Perfosfati

It kind of feels like a dying person in the middle of the street to whom no one is paying attention.

Ginevra Boatto

Even industrial architecture can trigger the collective memory.  This dramatic 1949 fertilizer factory, designed by engineer Guido Ceruti in a small town in the Venetian countryside, utilizes an affordable but effective construction technique. Reinforced concrete parabolic arches support the delicate exterior skin, which has now badly deteriorated. Its location next to the bus and train stations in Portogruaro means that hundreds of people see it every day, remember it from better days, and lament its current condition.

Submitted by Ginevra Boatto

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© zetazone, Flickr