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The Chapel of St. Joseph Technical High School, Taitung County, =Taiwan
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Taitung County, Taiwan

The Chapel of St. Joseph Technical High School

St. Josephs is a pilgrimage destination for experts, students, and scholars among the architectural circle in Taiwan.

Hunghsi Chao

Sacred places have always been a focus of architectural design and often import a popular style from one country to another.  An excellent example is St. Joseph’s Chapel. Built in 1960, the chapel occupies the top floor of a high school designed by Swiss architect Justus Dahinden, himself commissioned by a Swiss priest who had come to Taiwan in the 1950s.  The Brutalist style building was heavily influenced by yet another, more famous Swiss-French architect, Le Corbusier, who had finished his iconic chapel at Ronchamp, France 5 years earlier.

Submitted by Hunghsi Chao

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© Pang Jovi