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Scott's Hut, Antarctica
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WMF Surveys Earthquake Damage in Peru

LaraosOn August 15, 2007, an earthquake devastated areas south of Lima, Peru. Last month, WMF was invited by the Getty Conservation Institute to join a mission to the affected region with adobe construction and seismic retrofit experts. WMF's Director of Field Projects, Norma Barbacci, helped to evaluate the damage to historic sites, and to identify potential sites to receive future support and possible partners in the private and public sectors. The devastated areas include Pisco, Chincha, Ica, Caņete, and the historic town of Laraos (above), a site on our 2008 World Monuments Watch List.

View  a slideshow of the damage to historic sites in Peru.
New Developments at Angkor
Ken Feisel at AngkorFor more than 15 years, WMF has been restoring the vast temple complex in the ancient city of Angkor, Cambodia. Recently, we sent Art Director Ken Feisel and project consultants to Angkor to plan a new visitor's center at Preah Kahn. Ken also visted the site of our newest project, the restoration of the celebrated Churning of the Sea of Milk Gallery at Angkor Wat. Read about  Ken's  visit to the temple complex.

View a slideshow of our work at Angkor.
Motorway Construction Threatens Ireland's Mythic Tara Hill
Katherine Boyle, Holly Evarts, Will BlackIn November, staff members from WMF and WMF Britain visited endangered sites in Ireland. The trip included a stop at Tara Hill, a 2008 World Monuments Watch site threatened by construction of a new motorway. Holly Evarts, Will Black, and Katherine Boyle toured the site with a  guide from TaraWatch, and visited with activists who have kept a vigil fire burning for Tara for 18 months. Read more about their travels in Ireland and see other travel blogs from the staff at WMF Britain.
World Monuments Watch Update: Fenestrelle Fortress, Turin Province, Italy
The Province of Turin, Italy,  has launched an international architecture competition for the rehabilitation of Fenestrelle Fortress, a site on the 2008 World Monuments Watch List. The competition to conserve the "Great Wall of the Alps," held in conjunction with the organization of the XXIII World Congress of the International Union of Architects, will be held in Turin June 29-July 3, 2008. You can read more about the history of and challenges facing Fenestrelle Fortress by visiting
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