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San Ignacio Mini, Argentina
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World Monuments Fund Celebrates Earth Day 2009
Earth Day 2009 
Conservation and preservation go hand-in-hand in protecting Earth and our legacy on it.

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Conference in Moulins
Nuns' Choir Ceiling
In March, WMF helped organize a workshop focused on the recent restoration of the 17th-century French artist Rémy Vuibert's ceiling of the nuns' choir at the Couvent de la Visitation. The conference was attended by more than 100 people, including historians, students, and local officials.
Florida Southern College Photography Exhibition
Florida Southern College
Florida Southern College, a remarkable ensemble of buildings by Frank Lloyd Wright, is the subject of "'Child of the Sun': Florida Southern College", an exhibition of stunning photographs by Robin Hill. It will be on view from May 19 to 23 at the Charles Cowles Gallery, 537 West 24th Street, NY.
Florida Southern was named to the 2008 Watch, which has drawn attention to the college and helped it raise funds for conservation.
Earthquake in Italy
World Monuments Fund mourns the lives lost following the earthquake in the historic city of L'Aquila, Italy, on April 6, 2009. As the people of L'Aquila recover from the terrible loss of life in the wake of the earthquake and begin to repair and rebuild their city, World Monuments Fund is committed to helping in the recovery efforts, bringing our expertise in disaster response to this devastated region. Here's how you can help.
BREAKING NEWS: Hope for Route 66 and the Cyclorama
Route 66 
President Obama recently signed the Public Lands Omnibus bill into law following its passage in both houses of Congress. The bill includes legislation reauthorizing the Route 66 Corridor Preservation Program. This is a critical step in ensuring the long-term stewardship of this iconic American roadway and its surrounding landscape, placed on the 2008 Watch.
A federal judge recently sided with preservationists in the fight to save a 2006 Watch site, Richard Neutra's Cyclorama on the Gettysburg battlefield. The National Park Service, which has been in favor of demolishing the structure, has until April 23 to appeal the judge's decision.
WMF Brings Summer Field School to Historic Shaker Site
Traditional crafts training
Thanks to assistance from WMF, the Shaker Museum and Library is planning a busy summer, with activities ranging from historic landscape research to timber-framing workshops and other hands-on preservation crafts techniques. WMF established a partnership between Boston's distinguished North Bennett Street School and the Museum that will allow NBSS students to use historic Mount Lebanon as both a workshop and classroom. WMF has also funded scholarships for local residents to participate in a timber--framing workshop--open to the public-led by NBSS in August.
Watch Update: Bafut Palace, Cameroon
Bafut palace complex, Cameroon
Bafut Palace in Cameroon had long been deteriorating before WMF placed it on the 2006 Watch and then stepped in to restore several of the complex's buildings and train locals in traditional crafts techniques. The work was completed in January 2009. The next step is to develop an ongoing maintenance program to ensure the survival of this picturesque site.
Return to Splendor in Venice
Dining Room in the Museo Correr 
Venetian officials and the French ambassador to Italy recently joined WMF Europe's President Bertrand du Vignaud and WMF Chair Emerita Marilyn Perry to celebrate the conservation of the State Dining Room in the Museo Correr's Palazzo Reale. The suite of Neoclassical rooms in the Napoleonic wing of the museum is now open to the public, a reminder of Venice's complex history and a tribute to artistic contributions in the 19th century in a city most often admired for much earlier periods.
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