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Dolni Kounice, Czech Republic

Dolni Kounice Synagogue

Dolní Kounice Synagogue, located in the former Jewish quarter and near the historic center of Dolní Kounice, was built between 1652 and 56.
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Prague, Czech Republic

Pinkas Synagogue

Pinkas Synagogue, the second oldest site in the Prague ghetto, was originally a private house of prayer for the prominent Horowitz family.
Bogotá, Colombia

San Ignacio Church

San Ignacio Church, located in the Bogotá historic district of La Candelaria, was begun in the early seventeenth century under the supervision of Juan Bautista Coluccini, a Jesuit priest.
Santiago, Chile

San Francisco Church

Located in the heart of Santiago, San Francisco Church was the first Catholic church built in Chile.
Nilopolis, Brazil

Tifereth Israel Synagogue

Built in 1928, Tifereth Israel Synagogue is the oldest synagogue in Rio de Janeiro and was for several decades the center of Jewish life in Nilopolis.
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Quinta da Boa Vista

Constructed in 1803 by local aristocrat Elias Antônio Lopes, the original Quinta da Boa Vista was home to the Brazilian imperial family for much of the nineteenth century.
Volozhin, Belarus

Volozhin Yeshiva

Volozhin Yeshiva was constructed between 1803 and 1806 and is an important touchstone for the origins of European yeshivas and advanced Torah study.
Slonim, Belarus

Slonim Synagogue

Slonim Synagogue, a baroque structure that has overlooked the Slonim city marketplace since 1642, remains the best preserved synagogue in Belarus, despite decades of neglect and vandalism.
Marmashen, Shirak region, Armenia

Church of Marmashen

The tenth-century monastic complex of Marmashen in Armenia consists of five structures located along one of the primary medieval trade routes between Ani and Tbilsi.
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Moises Ville, Argentina

Brener Synagogue

Built in 1909 for a Jewish agricultural community in Argentina, the Brener Synagogue was the area's primary place of worship for more than 70 years.