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Hoogstraten, Antwerp, Belgium

Wortel Colony Estate

Prince Frederik's idea in 1822 was noble and seemingly sound: give destitute families a small house, an arable plot of land, two cows, a sheep, tools, and clothing...
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Vienna, Austria

Franciscan Church

In 1589, Archduke Ernst gave the Franciscan Order a Gothic church, St. Jerome in Vienna.
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Tipasa, Algeria

Tipasa Archaeological Park

Phoenician merchants established Tipasa on Algeria's western Mediterranean coast in the sixth century BC, but the city did not reach its apex until the second and first centuries BC.
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Sarandë, Albania

Butrint Archaeological Site

Archaeological evidence indicates that Corfiot traders founded Butrint in the eighth century BC.
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Wadi Hadramaut, Yemen


The palaces of Tarim are among the most intricate and technologically sophisticated mud-brick structures in the world.
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My Son, Quảng Nam-Ḍà Nẵng, Tỉnh, Vietnam

My Son Temple District

My Son, an architectural complex on the coast of Vietnam, was the spiritual and political capital of the Cham people (the Champa Kingdom).
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Coro, Falcón, Venezuela

San Francisco Church in Coro

Among the first churches that the Franciscan Order founded in Venezuela, the original church at Coro was part of the Convent of Nuestra Señora de la Salceda, founded in 1614.
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Araya, Venezuela

Real Fuerza de Santiago de Arroyo

Warmed by gentle Caribbean breezes and surrounded with beaches lapped by azure waters, the Real Fuerza de Santiago de Arroyo's languid setting reveals little of its tumultuous history.
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La Guaira, Venezuela

La Guaira Historic Center

The historic city of La Guaira was founded in the sixteenth century on the Caribbean Sea and served as the chief port for Venezuela’s future inland capital Caracas.
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Bukhara, Uzbekistan

Madrasa Rachid

The ancient Silk Road center of Bukhara is the best-preserved medieval city in Central Asia.
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Ellikala, Uzbekistan

Ayaz Kala

The towering mud-brick walls of the three fortresses at Ayaz Kala, located in the Khwarezm region of Central Asia (modern Uzbekistan), rise dramatically from the surrounding plains.
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Los Angeles, California, United States

VDL Research House II

The VDL Research House II was designed by Austrian-American architect Richard Neutra and was partially financed by Dutch industrialist C.H. Van der Leeuw (VDL).