Restore a Garuda!


A Moai Circle Special Initiative

Join the campaign today and help restore Garuda #72 to its original glory.

Double your impact! Thanks to a matching gift from Melissa and Mike Stewart, your gift of any size will receive a one-to-one match and help us raise the $25,000 needed to restore Garuda #72.

A stunning feat of human creativity and achievement

Situated at the northern edge of Cambodia’s Angkor Archaeological Park, the twelfth-century temple of Preah Khan is one of the most evocative examples of ancient Khmer architecture.

The temple’s fortified walls are adorned by 72 monumental carved stone garudas—eagle-like divine beings. At Preah Khan, these mighty bird-like creatures serve as the temple’s symbolic protectors. Time and nature have taken a toll on Garuda #72, but with your support it will be restored so that it may protect the temple once again.

Since the 1990s, generous donors have been making it possible for us to gradually return all of the garudas to their original glory. Now, we invite you to be part of our campaign to help restore one of these priceless statues.

Your participation will help sustain our Cambodian workforce of over 120 architects, engineers, and workers. Make a difference for an iconic sculpture at Angkor while enabling our local partners to preserve and protect their heritage and the rich legacy of their culture for generations to come. #GiveGaruda


Campaign Updates

Our very own “Rosie the Riveter”

Meat Cheam Phally, Senior Architect and Coordinator for WMF in Cambodia.  Phally manages major conservation projects at Angkor, including Preah Khan Temple, the home of Garuda #72. For International Women’s Day, Phally was featured in the US Embassy Phnom Penh’s #CamWomenCan Club. Like the iconic “Rosie the Riveter,” these women show us what is possible when women have equal opportunity.

Get a Garuda T-shirt!

Donate $72 or more and receive a garuda t-shirt or tank! Anyone, anywhere in the world can join the campaign to restore Garuda #72—help us spread the word in style.

Launch Event at Num Pang

At Num Pang Sandwich shop in July 2015, Moai Circle members gathered friends and colleagues to celebrate the launch of our campaign to raise $25,000 to restore Garuda #72. Guests learned about Preah Khan and the fascinating garudas that protect its walls while enjoying delicious Cambodian fare and Tiger Beer.

Garuda #72 Slideshow