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Hiraoka City Hall
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Hiraoka, Japan

Hiraoka City Hall

What happens to an iconic building which served as a civic symbol, when that entity ceases to exist?

Toshiko Mori

Changing political landscapes can have drastic effects on civic buildings.  Such is the case with Hiraoka City Hall, designed by Jyunzo Sakakura and completed in 1964. In 1967, Hiraoka was absorbed into Higashi Osaka, a newly created mega-city— reflecting a trend in urbanization all over the world. The building continued to be used for municipal purposes, but is now deteriorated and must be upgraded to current seismic standards. In 2013, the leadership of Higashi Osaka decided to demolish the old City Hall and replace it with a new one better symbolizing, in their eyes, the new mega-city.

Submitted by Toshiko Mori

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© Hiromitsu Morimoto, Flickr