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Izvestiia Newspaper Building
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Moscow, Russia

Izvestiia Newspaper Building

This building is one of the finest masterpieces of Russian avant-garde.

Vasily Baburov

The Izvestiia Newspaper Building is a stunning example of early modern Russian architecture, designed by father and son team Grigory and Mikhail Barkhin, and built in 1925-1927. One of the first Constructivist buildings in Moscow, the façade is extremely asymmetrical, an earmark of the style. Izvestiia, still a Russian daily newspaper today, was the official newspaper of the Soviet regime. The building housed both the newspaper’s offices and its printing presses, which was common for newspaper buildings in the Soviet Union during the 1920s and 1930s. The building was recently renovated with care by the great-grandson of Grigory Barkhin, Alexei Ginsburg.

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