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Les Choux de Créteil
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Créteil, France

Les Choux de Créteil

A symbol of 1970s French housing architecture, and a unique example of design and functionalism.

Carlos Traspaderne

Les Choux de Créteil, aka The Cabbages of Créteil, is a residential development in the suburbs of Paris. The development consists of ten cylindrical towers, each fifteen stories high and adorned with petal-shaped balconies—hence the name, invoking images of the vegetable. Built in the early 1970s, Les Choux was designed by Gerard Grandval. He initially envisioned plants and vines draping over the balcony railings, which would have created a very different visual effect; but with or without plants, the large balconies provide plenty of private outdoor space for the occupants. The area where the towers were built was historically an old cabbage field—no doubt the source of Grandval’s inspired design.

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