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Memorial House of the Bulgarian Socialist Party
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Mount Buzludzha, Bulgaria

Memorial House of the Bulgarian Communist Party

It is one of a number of communist structures that many believe, if restored, could attract Western tourists to the region in droves.

Graham Smith

The massive saucer shaped concrete structure of the Memorial House of the Bulgarian Communist Party, built from 1974 to 1981 and designed by Georgi Stoilov, stands perched on a mountaintop as a symbol of Bulgaria’s socialist past, now destined for a life of ruin. The interior of the monument is decorated by mosaics commemorating the Bulgarian Communist Party. A large portion of the mosaics have been destroyed, and much of the exterior is riddled with vandalism. Designed in the Brutalist style that became synonymous with communist buildings, Memorial House presents a challenge to preservation: can a building so specifically designed for its original use and in such an unreachable location actually be repurposed? Undeniably fascinating, should they be stabilized as ruins, or left to collapse over time?

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© Dumitru Rusu, BACU Association