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Nat Mauk Technical High School Faculty Hostel
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Yangon, Myanmar

Nat Mauk Technical High School Faculty Hostel

Too much attention has been paid to colonial architecture—a foreign import— in Yangon, and far too little to the early nationalist architecture that symbolically represented the hope indicative of the new nations of the period.

Jeffrey Allen

The faculty hostel, designed by Raglan Squire, an early and excellent example of a mid-century modern residential high rise in Southeast Asia, was built in 1956 in a forested area behind the Nat Mauk Technical High School.  Although the high school was recently renovated, the faculty hostel building, which is both poorly maintained and compromised by later modifications, was not.   The hostel is threatened by potential development of the land on which it sits, which is considered to be extremely valuable.

Submitted by Jeffrey Allen

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