Active Project

Madhya Pradesh Cultural Heritage Project

Various Cities, India

A wealth of heritage

Madhya Pradesh, the second largest state in India, is located in the center of the country. Heritage sites of great cultural importance, found throughout the region, chronicle its complex and storied history. Many of the 167 state-designated heritage sites in Madhya Pradesh, which reflect a diverse range of styles and eras and are spread over a wide terrain, require conservation. Encroachment on the sites is a concern, and there is a need for greater expertise on conservation and management.

Partners in preservation

In partnership with Madhya Pradesh’s Department of Culture, WMF is working to develop a sustainable management program for continued conservation and maintenance of the state’s heritage sites. At nearly 40 sites, WMF has engaged consultants to assess, document, and plan for heritage conservation projects, as well as to develop conservation management plans and monitor the implementation of selected conservation projects through completion.

Through a Project Monitoring Committee, the parties involved have established project goals and standards. The committee is directing and facilitating the project in order to protect, preserve, and promote the heritage resources within the state. WMF has appointed a project coordination team to oversee work and supervise technical aspects of the project. The project also includes capacity building and training in the region, and has offered many opportunities for professional collaboration. The conservation project includes sites in Orchha, Indore, Dhar, Mandsaur, Ujjain.

Project goals and recognition

The conservation projects at Madhya Pradesh will serve as a model for sustainable management for other projects in India and around the world. The state of Madhya Pradesh has a large number of cultural resources and has a great potential for tourism, as it is accessible from Delhi and Agra. WMF’s work on a portfolio of important heritage sites in the state, in partnership with the government, is a significant step towards securing some of Madhya Pradesh’s most important monuments.

In September 2016, UNESCO cited the restoration of the Fortification of Walls and Bastions of Mahidpur Fort, one of the heritage sites in Madhya Pradesh, with an award of merit in the annual Asia-Pacific Awards for Cultural Heritage Preservation. In November 2017, UNESCO cited the restoration of Gohad Fort, another heritage site and restoration project in Madhya Pradesh, with an Honourable Mention in the annual Asia-Pacific Awards for Cultural Heritage Preservation.



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