Palacio la Alhambra

World Monuments Watch
Santiago, Chile

2014 World Monuments Watch

Built in the nineteenth century, the Palacio la Alhambra in Santiago was designed to replicate the formal elements of the eponymous palace and fortress in Granada, Spain. Originally a private home, in 1940 it was bequeathed to the National Society of Fine Arts and has since served as the society’s headquarters. The non-profit organization gives support to emerging artists and hosts art classes and cultural events for the community.

Age and weather have compromised the integrity of the ornamental plasterwork at the Palacio La Alhambra. The 2010 earthquake exacerbated these issues while creating new ones, and the structure has since been closed to the public. Local institutions have come together to raise funds and advocate for the rehabilitation and reuse of the building. The Palacio la Alhambra was included on the 2014 World Monuments Watch in order to help leverage funds for the restoration of this unique example of Moorish-influenced architecture in Chile.

Watch Day 2014

In May 2014, participants gathered for a media and cultural event at the Palacio la Alhambra. Local advocates, the press, and potential funders received information about the ongoing rehabilitation efforts at the site. The presentation was followed by a reception featuring traditional Arab dance performances, music, and food.

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