Preah Khan Conservation Project Report V Field Campaign II Appendix V/A

Appendix to a report describing the accomplishments of the 1993-1994 field campaign of World Monuments Fund at the temple complex of Preah Khan in Angkor, Cambodia. Prepared by a WMF consultant, this report identifies the structural issues common to the masonry buildings of the complex, defines an approach for their analysis, and describes the methodologies selected for stabilization and repair. The researcher has taken into account the effects of climate and vegetation and has analyzed the historic construction techniques for each building type found in the site. The recommendations are organized in two sections, according to building type and architectural element, and are consistent with the conservation philosophy developed for this project. Urgent measures for specified locations are highlighted. The problems and recommendations are illustrated using photographs and drawings. Three case studies of repairs are presented. The report contains the results of a laboratory analysis of the two stone types found in the site. The 12th century temple complex of Preah Khan in Angkor, Cambodia is one of the most significant remains of the ancient Khmer civilization. This is an appendix to one of a series of reports charting the evolution of the conservation efforts of World Monuments Fund at Preah Khan.

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