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Sacré Coeur Cathedral, Algiers
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Algiers, Algeria

Sacré Coeur Cathedral

Paradoxically, modern architecture is more accepted by Algerians as part of the national heritage than neo-classical architecture, an earlier, inherited style.

Nabila Cherif

Sacred sites are often used in succession by different religions. Many others are re-purposed for other uses entirely.  This obviously changes their appearance, especially on the interior, where soaring spaces are often sub-divided.  Sacré Coeur Cathedral, designed by Jean Le Couteur and Paul Herbé and built in 1952 in Algiers, offers an example of a striking modern interior that has remained intact. This is an exception in a country where many churches have been converted into mosques following Algeria’s independence from France in 1962.

Submitted by Toufik Nebbad and Nabila Cherif

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© Ps2613, Wikimedia Commons