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Spomen Dom, Kolašin, Montenegro
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Kolašin, Montenegro

Spomen Dom

A unique example of how modern architecture reached into some of the deepest corners of rural village life and almost untouched nature…. [the building] carved a symbolic message into the wilderness of the northern mountains.

Milan Rakocevic

Spomen Dom, designed by Marko Mušič, was built in 1976 to commemorate the first assembly of the National Anti-Fascist Council for the National Liberation of Montenegro and Boka (the southern region of Montenegro). In the following years, Spomen Dom served as a cultural and administrative center for Kolašin and the surrounding area. Until the early nineties, local authorities had been in charge of the building’s maintenance. Now that its maintenance has been removed from the region’s budget, Spomen Dom is no longer looked after and has fallen into disrepair. The site is threatened with demolition, although the current economic crisis has stalled this action.

Submitted by Milan Rakocevic

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© Boban Scepanovic