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Suárez Mujica Neighborhood
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Santiago de Chile, Chile

Suárez Mujica Neighborhood

Our neighborhood is an oasis of modern architecture surrounded by a city lacking city planning.

Andrés Morales

The neighborhood of Suárez Mujica in Santiago de Chile is a place full of modern residential houses, many of which date back to the 1930s. Its rich architecture was designed by both Chile-born and foreign-born architects, including many who escaped from Europe during World War II. One can count more than fifty modern and Bauhaus houses in just this one area. Pictured is Casa Casajuana, an icon of Chile’s modern architecture, designed by Viterbo Castro and built in 1940. Today the neighborhood is at great risk, due greatly in part to a recent “boom” in development which threatens the neighborhoods oldest homes.

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© Andrés Morales