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Tres Chimeneas of Sant Adrià de Besos
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Barcelona, Spain

Tres Chimeneas of Sant Adrià de Besòs

The 1970s Tres Chimeneas loom over Barcelona’s north seafront as a relic of the city’s industrial past.


Referred to as mythical and iconic, these three giant forms on the landscape of Barcelona stand tall at 200 meters (656 feet). Dating to the 1970s, the chimneys, along with an adjacent turbine room, were part of a larger thermal power plant design. The chimneys are unique in their construction and form from a structural point of view; those who sail along the coast consider the chimneys a major point of reference. For years, the site was the focus of a preservation fight to prevent its demolition, and only last year were the Tres Chimeneas granted heritage protection by the municipality.

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