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White Tower
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Yekaterinburg, Russia

White Tower

An amazing example of a Constructivist building—the more people know, higher the chances of preservation.

Denis Esakov

The White Tower, built in 1929 and designed by M. Reisher, was considered the visual stamp on an ultra-modern Constructivist town, a glistening symbol of the new Soviet-era at the times of its construction. Just three decades after its completion, the tower was abandoned. The building remained empty until 2010, when a group of newly graduated architecture and art students undertook the enormous task of rehabilitating the tower for the benefit of the city. The group started small—researching the building’s history and staging a clean-up day, later progressing to the heaver task of conserving and stabilizing the structure, eventually establishing a public programming: media installations inside the tower narrate the story of its construction and that of the surrounding district.

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© Denis Esakov