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Madrid, Spain

Las Calatravas Church

The Church of the Concepción Real de Calatrava was built in the historic center of Madrid in the late 17th century by Fray Lorenzo de San Nicolás, an Augustinian monk and accomplished architect.
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Toledo, Spain

San Clemente Monastery

The Royal Monastery of San Clemente was first built in 1131 by King Alfonso VII.
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Sevilla, Spain

Historic Landscape of Sevilla

Dotted with church spires and the minaret of a 12th-century mosque, the historic landscape of Sevilla stretches serenely across the horizon.
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Aragon, Navarre, La Rioja, Castile-Leon and Galicia, Spain

Route of Santiago de Compostela

Between the years AD 820 and 830, a tomb attributed to the apostle St. James was discovered in Iria Flavia (Galicia).
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Barcelona, Spain

Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família

Seemingly defying gravity, the towers of the Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família stretch to the heavens above the Barcelona landscape, and are now synonymous with the city's identity.
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Soria and Garray, Spain


Celebrated by Pliny, Livy, and Cicero, the ancient city of Numancia rests atop a commanding promontory near modern Soria.
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Valencia, Spain

Barrio del Cabanyal-Canyamelar

North of the Port of Valencia and just three kilometers from that city’s historic center, the lively architecture of the Barrio del Cabanyal-Canyamelar dots the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.
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Trujillo, Extremadura, Spain

Berrocal de Trujillo

The historic walled town of Trujillo rose to prominence as a Moorish settlement in the early Middle Ages, though it was first settled by the Romans in 206 BC.
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Barcelona, Spain

Güell Pavilions and Garden

One of Antoni Gaudí’s early works, the Güell Pavilions are not widely known because they have been mostly inaccessible to the public throughout their history.
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Buenache de Alarcón, Cuenca, Spain

Iglesia Parroquial San Pedro Apóstol

The Parish Church of San Pedro Apóstol is a centerpiece of culture to the local community, but lack of resources and capacity have led to the deterioration of its historic fabric.