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An increasing number of irreplaceable sites are at risk, making it ever more critical that we take action to preserve our shared heritage.

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WMF has worked with local communities and partners to complete more than 600 projects at heritage sites worldwide. Through fieldwork, advocacy, education and training, WMF and its affiliates help ensure a future for monuments, buildings, and sites around the globe.

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2016 World Monuments Watch

The 2016 World Monuments Watch features 50 sites in 36 countries that are at risk from the forces of nature and the impact of social, political, and economic change. American Express is the founding sponsor of the World Monuments Watch.


Cultural Heritage at Risk

The 2015 earthquakes in Nepal devastated lives and communities.

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Sustainable Tourism Pledge

Unmanaged tourism can damage cultural sites. Visitors can make a difference. Travel responsibly with these ten simple guidelines.

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Restore a Garuda!

Garuda #72 has been significantly deteriorated by the effects of time and nature, but with your support it can be restored.

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