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Completed Project
San Juan Teotihuacan, Mexico


More inclusive tourism planning and visitor management at an iconic archaeological park can help address economic challenges facing surrounding communities.
View of a segment of the Canal Nacional, with the Colorines bridge in the foreground, 2018.
Active Project
Mexico City, Mexico

Canal Nacional

Community stewards of Mexico's oldest man-made waterway demand a seat at the table as government plans for a new park push forward.
Completed Project
Campeche, Mexico

Conference on the Preservation of American Fortifications

After several years of research and communication with colleagues in the field, a conference was organized in March 2004 to address mounting concerns about the needs of these historic sites to ensure their preservation.

Pimería Alta Missions

The Pimería Missions were established to indoctrinate the indigenous, peoples of the Pimería Alta region, which straddles the Mexican state of Sonora and the American state of Arizona.
Acatlán, Mexico


Oxtotitlán, in the Mexican state of Guerrero, is one of only two known cave sites that contain polychrome murals rendered by the Olmec people more than 2,700 years ago.
Chihuahua, Mexico

Carolina Hacienda

The last generation of wealthy landowners to emerge in Mexico to build elaborate haciendas within huge land tracts arose during the dictatorship of Diaz, president from1876 until 1911.
Morelia, Mexico

San Nicolás Obispo

Built in 1591, San Nicolás Obispo, an important example of a Franciscan visita, or pilgrimage church, retains much of its original architecture.
Mexico City, Mexico

Metropolitan Cathedral

Ever since the last building stone was secured in 1813, the Metropolitan Cathedral has been sinking and leaning into its spongy foundation.
Metztitlan, Mexico

La Tercena

A rare example of early sixteenth-century civic architecture, La Tercena in Metztitlán, Hidalgo, boasts a combination of indigenous and European architectural elements.