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Rubble with white cross poking out
Active Project
Antakya, Hatay, Türkiye

Antakya Earthquake Heritage Sites

Long known as the "City of Peace," the multicultural city of Antakya was devastated by earthquakes in February 2023, reducing much of its historic center to rubble.
Completed Project
Kas, Turkey

Patara Archaeological Site

Wide, protective sandy beaches and a deep Mediterranean bay helped make Patara the wealthy capital of the Lycian-Pamphylian province during the Roman Empire.
Gaziantep, Turkey

Tepebasi District

Fine examples of mid-nineteenth-century Armenian architecture are only one of many elements in a well-preserved example of cultural and religious integration in the late Ottoman Empire.
Istanbul, Turkey

Küçük Ayasofya Little Hagia Sophia Mosque

The oldest surviving Byzantine monument in Istanbul, Küçük ("Little") Hagia Sophia was constructed under the emperor Justinian on the shores of the Sea of Marmara in AD 527-536.
Istanbul, Turkey

Historic Walls of Istanbul

Stretching along the Golden Horn to the Sea of Marmara, the fortified walls of Istanbul protected the city from the early Byzantine period to the fifteenth century.
Ankara, Turkey

Çukur Han

Built in the late sixteenth or early seventeenth century during Ottoman rule of Ankara, this han, or caravanserai, was designed to accommodate traveling merchants.
Kariye, Istanbul, Turkey, 2003.
Istanbul, Turkey

Kariye Museum

The Kariye Museum - originally Church of Christ in the Chora Monastery - houses a wealth of mosaics and frescos commissioned by the statesman and scholar Theodore Metochites (ca 1316-1321).
Completed Project
Adiyaman Province, Turkey

Mount Nemrut Archaeological Site

Antiochus I, an Armenian king whose lineage connected him to the Seleucids, Ptolemies, and Macedonians, ruled the small territory of Commagene in Asia Minor in the 1st century BC.
Completed Project
Ankara, Turkey

Temple of Augustus and Rome

Further conservation work is needed at the Temple of Augustus and Rome, which contains the two most complete inscriptions of the Deeds of the Divine Augustus in the world.
Hasankeyf, Turkey


The ancient city of Hasankeyf is rich with cultural history and archaeological significance, but the Ilisu Dam project threatens to flood the site.
Büyükada, Princes' Islands, Istanbul, Turkey

Rum Orphanage

The Rum Orphanage was designed by the prolific architect Alexandre Vallaury (1850-1921) as a luxury hotel and casino for the Compagnie Internationale des Wagons-Lits.
Çamlıyamaç, Erzurum Province, Turkey


In a valley flanked by towering mountains in northeastern Turkey stand the majestic ruins of the tenth-century Georgian monastery of Oshki.