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Chicago, Illinois, United States

Tree Studios and Medinah Temple

Commissioned by philanthropist Judge Lambert Tree, the Tree Studios were designed as an artists' residence by the Parfitt Brothers architectural firm.
Work yard, 2006
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New Lebanon, New York, United States

Mount Lebanon Shaker Village

At its height in 1860, the Shaker village of Mount Lebanon, New York, spanned some 6,000 acres and contained more than 100 buildings.
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Chicago, IL, to Los Angeles, CA, United States

Historic Route 66

Route 66, once the primary highway from America's interior to the West Coast, has played a now-legendary role in US history since its designation in 1926.
General view from SE, March 2003
Completed Project
Leominster, United Kingdom

St. John the Evangelist Parish Church, Shobdon

The stone exterior of St. John the Evangelist Parish Church is deceptively humble compared to its dramatic interior of richly decorated finishes and matching furniture and fittings.
Grade II* Listed Dockyard Church in current state of dereliction, would make an ideal entrance / museum for the Dockyard History. Presently still threat of vandalism.                                      , 5/17/2008
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Sheerness, United Kingdom

Sheerness Dockyard

Sheerness Dockyard is of great significance in architectural, engineering, and naval history.
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Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

Edinburgh Historic Graveyards

Five historical burial grounds are scattered around Edinburgh’s city center, oases amid the dense urban surroundings often full of students and tourists.
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Glasgow, United Kingdom

Saint Vincent Street Church

Saint Vincent Street Church is the sole survivor of three churches designed for the city of Glasgow by the influential and renowned Scottish architect Alexander Thomson.
Facade from angle, Dec-96
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East Manchester, United Kingdom

Saint Francis Church and Monastery

Edward Pugin’s Saint Francis Church and Monastery in Gorton, Manchester is recognized as a masterpiece of Victorian Gothic architecture.
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Istra, Russia

New Jerusalem Monastery

Founded under Patriarch Nikon in the 17th century in Istra on the outskirts of Moscow, the New Jerusalem Monastery was meant to evoke the Holy Land and serve as a pilgrimage site.
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Krakow, Poland

Tempel Synagogue

Of the several Jewish synagogues that existed in the Kazimierz Jewish district in historic Krakow, Tempel synagogue survived World War II due to its re-use as a stable during the German occupation.
Quinta de Presa, interior, 2017
Completed Project
Rímac, Lima, Peru

Quinta de Presa

Quinta de Presa is a unique eighteenth-century suburban villa located on the outskirts of downtown Lima, north of the Rímac River.
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Lima, Peru

Lima Historic Center

Founded by Francisco Pizarro in 1535 as "the City of Kings," Lima was laid out according to the standard Spanish colony grid plan that was superimposed on a crossing point of pre-existing Inca roads.