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The Ishtar Gate of Babylon
Active Project
Babylon, Iraq

The Ishtar Gate of Babylon

WMF has been working with Iraq’s State Board of Antiquities and Heritage (SBAH) since 2009 on the Future of Babylon project, including Ishtar Gate.
The Lion of Babylon
Completed Project
Babylon, Iraq

The Lion of Babylon

Since 2012, WMF has been working with the Iraq State Board of Antiquities and Heritage to address the Lion’s presentation and protection.
The west front of Notre-Dame of Paris prior to the April 2019 fire, 2018.
The Watch
Paris, France

Notre-Dame of Paris

The near-loss of a beloved cathedral and global icon reminds us of the depth of human connection to heritage places and the personal trauma that their destruction can bring.
Aerial view of Central Aguirre Historic District towards the south, 2017.
The Watch
Aguirre, Puerto Rico, United States

Central Aguirre Historic District

A training program in wood construction will pave the way for disaster recovery while opening new employment opportunities.
Active Project
Luang Prabang, Laos

Buddhist Archive of Photography

In May 2019, a thunderstorm caused severe damage to the main roof of the building housing the Buddhist Archives of Photography, exposing the precious archives to the elements.
Siem Reap, Cambodia

Angkor Archaeological Park

Angkor was once the seat of the Khmer Empire, which ruled a large portion of Southeast Asia between the ninth and fifteenth centuries AD.
Completed Project
Padang, West Sumatra, Indonesia

Padang Heritage Sites

Since the sixteenth century, West Sumatra and particularly its capital, Padang, has been a major trade center, serving as hub for the pepper, gold, coffee, salt, and textile industries.
Perugia, Italy

Pieve Di San Gregorio

The rural Pieve di San Gregorio was built in 1141 in the important Italian religious and political territory of Perugia.
Completed Project
Prague, Czech Republic

Pinkas Synagogue

Pinkas Synagogue, the second oldest site in the Prague ghetto, was originally a private house of prayer for the prominent Horowitz family.
Completed Project
Nias, Indonesia

Omo Hada

Omo Hada is a rare surviving eighteenth-century traditional Indonesian village.
Completed Project
Dubrovnik, Croatia

Franciscan Monastery Library

Founded in 1235, the Franciscan monastery in Dubrovnik was an essential visit for pilgrims traveling between Europe and the Holy Land.
Completed Project
Zadar, Croatia

Ducal Palace

From the High Middle Ages through the 20th century, the Ducal Palace of Zadar stood witness to the evolution of the city and survived countless attacks and occupations.