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Taos Pueblo Governor, War Chief, and Council, 2008. Photo by  Rick Romancito. ©The Taos News
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Taos Pueblo, New Mexico, United States

Taos Pueblo

Situated in the sun-baked valley of a Rio Grande tributary and continuously inhabited for 1,000 years, the community and architecture of Taos Pueblo exemplify the enduring spirit of the Pueblo people.
The mission complex of San Esteban del Rey seen from the east, with the church on the left, 2014
Acoma Pueblo, New Mexico, United States

San Esteban del Rey Mission

A comprehensive restoration program for the San Esteban del Rey Mission requires investment and remains long overdue.
Window sash repair, June 29, 2009
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Newburgh, New York, United States

Dutch Reformed Church

The Dutch Reformed Church in Newburgh, New York, sits on a bluff overlooking the Hudson River and is a reminder of the wealth that came early to settlements in New York.
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Various Locations

Adobe Missions of New Mexico

The adobe churches of New Mexico were built as part of the Franciscan missionary campaign in the New World.
Work yard, 2006
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New Lebanon, New York, United States

Mount Lebanon Shaker Village

At its height in 1860, the Shaker village of Mount Lebanon, New York, spanned some 6,000 acres and contained more than 100 buildings.
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Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

Edinburgh Historic Graveyards

Five historical burial grounds are scattered around Edinburgh’s city center, oases amid the dense urban surroundings often full of students and tourists.
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Bairam Ali, Turkmenistan

Ancient Merv Archaeological Site

The oasis of Merv is strategically sited in the Karakum desert and formed an essential military headquarters and staging post on major east-west trade routes.
View of Tetrapylon, 2010
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Geyre Beledesi, Turkey

Aphrodisias Archaeological Site

Aphrodisias, named after its patron goddess Aphrodite, was founded in the 2nd century BC on the site of a rural sanctuary of Aphrodite.
View of site, August 2009
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Redi Doti, Suriname

Jodensavanne Archaeological Site

Jodensavanne (Jewish Savannah) was settled by a population of Sephardic Jews fleeing the Spanish Inquisition on mainland Europe in the mid-seventeenth century.
Conservation work on Baroque wall paintings in the Calvary Lower Church, Chapel No. 4.
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Banská Štiavnica, Slovakia

Banská Štiavnica Calvary Complex

The town of Banská Stiavnica was once an important silver-mining town, enjoying particularly strong economic growth in the 18th century when it became the third-largest town in Hungary.