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Ark from below, November 2005
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Jičín, Czech Republic

Jičín Synagogue

Jews began to settle in Jičín during the fourteenth century, but an official Jewish community was not established until the seventeenth century.
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Cáslav, Czech Republic

Cáslav Synagogue

Cáslav Synagogue in the central Czech Republic was constructed in 1899 to serve the town's Jewish population.
Interior, May 2002
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Boskovice, Czech Republic

Boskovice Synagogue

In the mid-1600s Boskovice was a market town just beginning to thrive again after the damage of the Thirty Years War.
Interior, June 2009
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Split, Croatia

Split Synagogue

Housed in two medieval homes in the historic center, Split Synagogue remains one of the oldest Sephardic synagogues still in use.
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Shanghai, China

Ohel Rachel Synagogue

Jewish communities have existed in China for over 13 centuries, but today architectural traces are hard to find.