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Hebdów (near Krakow), Poland

Our Lady's Assumption Basilica

The Church of Our Lady’s Assumption was founded in the mid-twelfth century within a Norbertine monastery.
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Deçan and Peć, Republic of Kosovo

Dečani and Peć Monasteries

The Peć Monastery comprises four churches built from the early-thirteenth through the mid-fourteenth century, the largest being that of Holy Apostles.
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Qincheng, China

Tianshui Traditional Houses

According to legend, the town of Tianshui was founded long ago when a crack opened in the Earth from which poured sweet water, creating a lake and springs that would never run dry.
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Rio Abiseo National Park, Peru

Los Pinchudos Archaeological Site

Among rock shelters, ceremonial structures, houses, terraces, and funerary chambers is the cemetery of Los Pinchudos, a key feature of the National Park of Río Abiseo.
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Asuncion to Sapucay, Paraguay

Paraguay Railway System

As the last steam-powered train of the Paraguay Railway came to a halt at the Sapucaí train yard in 1999, an era came to an end.
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Fez, Morocco

Al-Azhar Mosque

Located in the center of Fez, the Mosque of Al Azhar is an example of the austere Almohad style of architecture.
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Karnataka, India

Anegundi Historic Settlement

Founded in the tenth century, the fortified city of Anegundi on the northern bank of the mighty Tungabhadra River has played an integral role in Indian history.
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Ovalau, Fiji


Soon after British colonization, the first Fijian capital was established at Levuka in 1877.
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Warao Settlements, Guyana

Moruka-Waini Cultural Landscape

Forest exploitation is damaging the ancient heartland of the Warao, one of the oldest cultures of the region.
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Arani and Callapa, Bolivia

Arani and Callapa Churches

The churches of Arani and Callapa are but two examples of the scores of adobe churches in Bolivia that face extinction, despite designation as National Monuments.
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Cumberland Island, Georgia, United States

Plum Orchard Historic District

Among the coastal islands of Georgia, Cumberland Island is a natural paradise of forests dripping with Spanish moss, marshes teeming with wildlife, and expansive beaches untouched by development.