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Vågåmo, Norway

Vågå Old Church

Set in the landlocked mountains north of Jotunheimen, Vågå Old Church represents a singular case among the renowned stave- or timber-framed churches of Norway.
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Trondheim, Norway

Wooden Architecture of Trondheim

Few of Norway's original wooden towns exist. Fires, urban renewal, indifferent owners have reduced many to dereliction.
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Dadu District, Pakistan

Mian Nasir Mohammed Graveyard

Mian Nasir Mohammed gained the support of disaffected Sindhis by espousing agricultural cooperation and other egalitarian ideas.
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Indus River Delta, Sindh, Pakistan

Tamba Wari

The meandering course of the Indus River in Pakistan brought an end to the life of a richly populated area that centuries ago thrived on maritime trade.
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Thatta, Pakistan

Thatta Monuments

Located about 100 kilometers east of Karachi, this windswept World Heritage Site in the Indus Valley was once a well-watered and revered destination for medieval worshippers and celebrants.
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Uch, Pakistan

Uch Monument Complex

The ancient city of Uch was one of several metropolises founded by Alexander the Great on his crusade through Central Asia in the late 4th century BC.
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Beit Wazan, Palestinian Territory

Al-Qasem Palace

The four-story Al-Qasem Palace was built in 1820 as the seat of the Al-Qasem family sheikdom, one of 24 such political entities that ruled the central highlands of Palestine.
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Shechem (or Ancient Nablus), Palestinian Territory

Tell Balatah

Located near the West Bank town of Nablus, Tell Balatah has long been associated with the ancient city of Shechem, mentioned throughout the Bible and in numerous Egyptian documents.
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Portobelo, Panama

San Jerónimo Fort

San Jerónimo Fort was built in several stages between 1596 and 1779 to protect the transportation of goods from South America to Spain.
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Portobelo, Panama

San Lorenzo Castle

The first fortifications of San Lorenzo castle were built by prominent military engineer Juan Bautista Antonelli in 1595.
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Asuncion to Sapucay, Paraguay

Paraguay Railway System

As the last steam-powered train of the Paraguay Railway came to a halt at the Sapucaí train yard in 1999, an era came to an end.
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Angasmarca, Peru

Angasmarca Temple

One of the unexpected cultural and artistic offspring of the Conquest, the "mestizo baroque" was the architectural expression of the commingling of European and Native American cultures.