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Freetown, Sierra Leone

Old Fourah Bay College

Fourah Bay College in Freetown became a magnet for English-speaking Africans on the West Coast and remained the only European-style university in western Africa for more than a century.
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Krajné Cierno, Slovakia

Basil the Great Church

Basil the Great Church belongs to a small and precious collection of wooden churches in the rural Carpathian mountain region of Slovakia, a significant border between East/West Christian faiths.
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Banská Štiavnica, Slovakia

Hell House

Until about twenty years ago, the historic center of Banská Štiavnica was a thriving mining town with 3,000 residents.
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Lednické-Rovne, Slovakia

Lednické-Rovne Historical Park

The 19.5-hectare park of Lednické-Rovne boasts numerous English garden follies such as a Gothic-style gate, medieval turret, and a Roman-style temple to Minerva.
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Brodruzal, Lukov-Venecia and Topola, Slovakia

Three Greek Catholic Churches

The Greek Catholic Church of Eastern Slovakia has always battled for its survival.
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Vipava, Slovenia

Lanthieri Manor

The Counts Lanthieri ruled over the Vipava Valley from the sixteenth to the twentieth centuries, establishing the extensive vineyards for which the valley is known.
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Las Geel District, Somaliland

Las Geel Rock Art

A series of rock art sites discovered at Las Geel is providing a wealth of information of ancient, semi-nomadic peoples in the Horn of Africa.
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Richtersveld, South Africa

Richtersveld Cultural Landscape

For thousands of years, the KhoeSan peoples of South Africa and Namibia maintained a pastoral way of life.
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Kandy, Sri Lanka

Kandy Sacred City

Situated on a central plateau, the sacred city of Kandy is the second largest city in Sri Lanka.
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Karima, Sudan

Gebel Barkal

Gebel Barkal is an isolated sandstone butte alongside the Nile that marks the site of the ancient city of Napata.
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Borlange City, Sweden

Ljungberg Hall

The Ljungberg Hall was originally designed as an exhibition hall for the 1897 Stockholm Exposition of Art and Industry.
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Damascus, Syria

Damascus Old City & Saddle Souk

First settled in the third millennium BC, the Syrian capital of Damascus is one of the longest continually inhabited cities in the world.