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Temple of Seti I in Abydos, Egypt.


Tourism and encroachment at one of Ancient Egypt’s most important sites require technical expertise and careful planning to support sustainable preservation.
View of the ancient ruins of Kuelap, Peru.
Completed Project
Amazonas, Peru

Kuelap Fortress

Kuelap, one of the largest ancient monuments of the Americas, was a fortified citadel in northern Peru on the slopes of the Andes.
Completed Project
San Juan Teotihuacan, Mexico


More inclusive tourism planning and visitor management at an iconic archaeological park can help address economic challenges facing surrounding communities.
Bunong villagers from Bu Cheeng calling the spirits in front of their altar (filled with gifts) in  the context of the wer-brii-wer-nam ritual, Bu Sra area, 2019.
Mondulkiri Province, Cambodia

Cultural Landscape of the Bunong People

Mapping and documentation of heritage places can support the Bunong people’s struggle to protect ancestral land from agro-industrial development and encroachment.
View of Hurst Castle. Photo courtesy of ExploringWithin on YouTube.
Lymington, United Kingdom

Hurst Castle

A fortress built by Henry VIII that suffered partial collapse in 2021 illustrates the urgent need to address the impact of climate change on coastal heritage through continued monitoring.
Indian Church Village, Belize


An international tourist destination encompassing an ancient Maya city requires a more inclusive heritage management plan to help reinforce the relationship between the site and local residents.
Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

La Maison du Peuple, Ouagadougou

An important landmark and unique example of African modernism in Burkina Faso requires rehabilitation to enhance public life and foster civic pride.
Completed Project
Near Kumasi, Ashanti Region, Ghana

Asante Traditional Buildings

Sacred earthen shrines, among the last architectural vestiges of the Kingdom of Asante, face ongoing deterioration that call for new approaches to management and maintenance.
Sikri red sandstone with white marble inlay of the western facade of the tomb, 2021.
Lahore, Pakistan

Tomb of Jahangir

The only imperial Mughal tomb in Pakistan requires restoration to foster new visitation and provide invaluable greenspace for community recreation within an expanding urban setting.
Praingu Matualang Village, view of two revitalized, main sacred houses, 2018.

Sumba Island

The sacred houses of the Sumbanese people will be lost without community-led training in the traditional knowledge necessary to maintain these structures and their layers of symbolic meaning.