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Gon-Nila-Phuk Cave Temples and Fort
Completed Project
Saspol, Ladakh, India

Gon-Nila-Phuk Cave Temples and Fort

The Gon-Nila-Phuk cave temples contain Buddhist wall paintings of exquisite artistic and spiritual significance, but they are endangered by the menacing disintegration of the surrounding rock.

Former Apia Courthouse

The Former Apia Courthouse is intimately tied to Samoa’s modern history and is one of the last colonial buildings in the South Pacific, but a new use must be found for this landmark to be preserved.
The conical tower inside the Great Enclosure at Great Zimbabwe, 2015
Completed Project
Masvingo Province, Zimbabwe

Great Zimbabwe

An architectural masterpiece and one of Africa’s most iconic sites, Great Zimbabwe is at risk from the uncontrolled growth of vegetation and other management challenges that threaten its preservation.
The faÁade of Mission San Xavier del Bac, known as the "White Dove of the Desert" thanks to its bright limewashed exterior, 2011
Tucson, United States of America

Mission San Xavier del Bac

Because of sustained collaboration among its stakeholders, San Xavier del Bac is close to reversing the effects of past repairs, so that it may be preserved for visitors and the local Tohono O’odham nation.
The mission complex of San Esteban del Rey seen from the east, with the church on the left, 2014
Acoma Pueblo, New Mexico, United States

San Esteban del Rey Mission

A comprehensive restoration program for the San Esteban del Rey Mission requires investment and remains long overdue.
The Marble Saloon at Wentworth Woodhouse has been called the finest Georgian room in England, 2013
South Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Wentworth Woodhouse

Wentworth Woodhouse, the largest house in the United Kingdom, is one of the most important historic buildings at risk in the country today.
A cemetery at the Kua Ruins, 2015
Active Project
Juani Island, Tanzania

Kua Ruins

The remains of a medieval Swahili town, the Kua Ruins are at risk from the effects of a harsh climate and destruction at the hands of explorers digging for fabled Swahili treasures.
An example of the rock drawings that survive at Sabu-Jaddi, 2015
Nile Valley, Sudan

Sabu-Jaddi Rock Art Sites

The rock art sites of Sabu and Jaddi are not fully documented or protected, and they are threatened by erosion and acts of vandalism.
A view of the Simwonjeong Pavilion and the surrounding garden from the East, 2013
Dongmyeong-myeon, South Korea

Simwonjeong Pavilion

Rising land values and a lack of legal protection are threatening Simwonjeong Pavilion, a marker of Korean national heritage, which could be irreversibly changed or even lost.
A procession along Bo-Kaap's Chiappini street to mark the Islamic New Year, 2014
Cape Town, South Africa


The historic character and built heritage of Bo-Kaap are under threat due to economic forces and social change.
The remains of the southern gate of Bunce Island, Sierra Leone
Sierra Leone River, near Freetown, Sierra Leone

Bunce Island

Bunce Island, a site that testifies to a dark chapter in world history, is being slowly eroded by exposure to the elements and overwhelmed by the social and economic problems facing Sierra Leone.
Vyborg Castle, a fortress originally dating from the thirteenth century, with the Vyborg Historic Center in the distance, 2014
Vyborg, Russia

Vyborg Historic Center

Despite its designation as a historic city, Vyborg needs better planning for conservation and stronger enforcement of heritage protection laws.