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Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Sarajevo City Hall

Situated at the intersection of three major streets in Sarajevo, the City Hall is a monument to the multiculturalism of Bosnia.
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Hasbaya, Lebanon

Chehabi Citadel

Overlooking the village of Hasbaya in south Lebanon, the Chehabi Citadel occupied a strategic location for the armies of the First Crusade, believed to have built its fortifications in the 11th century.
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Tyre, Lebanon

Ancient Tyre

Tyre, situated approximately 50 miles south of Beirut, was founded by Phoenician settlers in the third millennium BC.
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Murgia dei Trulli, Italy

Murgia dei Trulli

The whimsical appearance of i trulli with their domed or conical roofs have attracted the attention of architects and tourists for centuries.
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Salerno, Italy

Grottoes of San Michele

Along a narrow valley in the Picentini Mountains, the flowing water of the Tusiano River gradually excavated a deep natural cavern on the western slopes of Monte Raione.
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Wadi Hadramaut, Yemen


Shibam presents itself as a city of mud brick skyscrapers. The agglomeration of 1,600-year-old structures, some eight stories, was a familiar site for travelers on the frankincense caravan route.
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New York, United States

Seventh Regiment Armory

Officers of the Seventh Regiment Armory had access to facilities that included lavish reception spaces and public-area rooms designed by Louis Comfort Tiffany, Stanford White, and the Herter brothers.
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Bodie, California, United States

Bodie State Historic Park

Bodie is the largest and most complete unrestored ghost town remaining in the American West.
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Castlerock, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

Mussenden Temple

The Downhill estate was constructed in the late eighteenth century for Frederick Hervey, the Bishop of Derry and Earl of Bristol.
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Tonbridge, Kent, England, United Kingdom

Hadlow Tower

From a distance, the 170-foot-tall Hadlow Tower appears as a slender skyscraper rising from the flat Kent landscape.
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Kas, Turkey

Patara Archaeological Site

Wide, protective sandy beaches and a deep Mediterranean bay helped make Patara the wealthy capital of the Lycian-Pamphylian province during the Roman Empire.
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Karima, Sudan

Gebel Barkal

Gebel Barkal is an isolated sandstone butte alongside the Nile that marks the site of the ancient city of Napata.