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View from distance, September 1995
Completed Project
Ani-Pemza, Armenia

Basilica of Ererouk

The Basilica of Ererouk, which occupies a sparsely settled site near the Turkish-Armenian border, was once one of the region's largest and most important churches located within ten kilometers.
Completed Project
Several towns, Argentina

Jesuit Guaraní Missions

Several capacity building workshops and conservation projects have protected the historic fabric of South America’s Jesuit Guaraní missions and established them as a cohesive group.
A general view of the site of SpaÁ Prison shows that much of the complex has been demolished, 2013
The Watch
Spaç, Albania

Spaç Prison

Spaç Prison, the notorious labor camp, is in an extremely advanced state of deterioration, and deserves to be transformed into a modern place of remembrance.
Completed Project
Prague, Czech Republic

European Monuments Forum

In May, 1991, amid national and international discussions about the future of preservation activities in Eastern Europe, WMF organized the European Monuments Forum in Prague.
Jendouba, Tunisia

Bulla Regia

Bulla Regia is a significant archaeological site in the northwestern part of Tunisia.
Venice, Italy

Querini Stampalia Library

The Library at the Fondazione Querini Stampalia is one of several facilities housed within this cultural institution.