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Rome, Italy

Domus Aurea

The artistic wealth within the Domus Aurea has been studied by historians and artists for centuries, but it was obscured by biological growth and mineral deposits after years of neglect.
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Hasankeyf, Turkey


The ancient city of Hasankeyf is rich with cultural history and archaeological significance, but the Ilisu Dam project threatens to flood the site.
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Bosra, Syria

Bosra Ancient City

Despite Bosra’s rich history, the ancient city’s archaeological remains have been damaged due to neglect, vandalism, and armed conflict.
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Oaxaca, Mexico

Monte Albán Archaeological Site

The ancient Zapotec metropolis of Monte Albán was founded in the 6th century BC on a flattened mountain overlooking the city of Oaxaca.
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Mexico City, Mexico

Modern Mural Paintings

Mexico’s mural masters were at the vanguard of twentieth-century art.
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Ga-Segonyana / Kuruman, South Africa

Wonderwerk Cave

Wonderwerk Cave emerges from the plains of northeastern South Africa, opening on the northern side into the ancient cavity.
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Republic of Karakalpakstan/Elli-Kala District & Beruni District, Uzbekistan

Desert Castles of Ancient Khorezm

Along the many tributaries of the Amu-dar'ya River, the Desert Castles of Ancient Khorezm emerge from the arid, sandy plains of central Uzbekistan.
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Scottsdale, United States

Taliesin West

Seamlessly woven into the rugged terrain of the American southwest, Frank Lloyd Wright observed that Taliesin West belonged to the Arizona desert as though it had stood there during creation.
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New Orleans, Louisiana, United States

St. Louis Cemetery No. 2

Opened in 1823, St. Louis Cemetery No. 2 is located in the Faubourg Tremé, a neighborhood developed in the early 19th century and occupied predominantly by the city's "free people of color".
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New Orleans, Louisiana, United States

Phillis Wheatley Elementary School

Floating above Creole cottages and Victorian shotgun houses of the Tremé/Lafitte neighborhood of New Orleans is the glass-and-steel Phillis Wheatley Elementary School.
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Connecticut, United States

The Bridges of the Merritt Parkway

The Merritt Parkway allows drivers to escape the sprawling, speeding, surging interstates nearby as it meanders through small towns and the countryside.